Scar Cream… is it any good and what
kind of
results can you get?

Having a scar is something that everyone will probably experience eventually, but that doesn't mean that your scar has to be noticeable. It's common knowledge that there are some effective ways to
reduce scar tissue and possibly even fade it out. If you recently got a cut, or recently had surgery, don't fret. There are ways to reduce the scar without having to resort to drastic measures.

Lemon Juice Can Help

If you are wondering how to keep your scar from getting any worse, a good way to do it naturally is to use lemon juice. However, lemon juice does have its limitations, and it doesn't always work for everyone. If you want to use it to reduce scarring, use it as a toner with your daily skincare routine.

Scar Cream

The easiest way to try and treat a scar is to pick up a bottle of scar cream from your local pharmacy or grocery store. It is very unlikely this will actually do much good though (apart from moisturizing the scars and protecting them from sunlight) as ‘water based’ lotions/creams wont be able to penetrate the skin deep enough to make much difference (or any difference at all)

However, you may see some slight results with creams, gels and sheets that contain ‘silicone’ but in my personal experience of treating hundreds of scars, silicone can only give mediocre results at best  

Keep Out Of The Sun

A good way to avoid a bad scar from getting worse is by avoiding direct sunlight. If you have to get some sun into your day, make sure to get a cream that has sunblock inside of it, or make an effort to carry some of your favorite sunscreen with you. It should be noted that some prescription skincare products, including certain scar creams, can make you very sensitive to sunlight. If you don't want to burn, you will need to take some precautions.

Invest In professional Quality Scar and Skincare Product

If you want to get your scar to fade effectively, you really need to invest in a professional ‘water free’ scar serum. It's a good idea to use a time-tested, highly regarded, and all-natural scar product such as Skinderma Pro. This is because a lot of other scar creams that you will find on the market aren’t able to penetrate the skin (due to the high water content)

…You see, your skin is covered with a wax like substance called ‘Sebum’, this acts as a barrier so your skin is watertight, if you apply a cream or lotion that is water based (like 99% of scar products), it wont be able to absorb deep enough to repair the scar tissue!

A Lipid based (water Free) scar serum is able to penetrate deeper down into the skin and therefore treat the scar at the very heart of the skin damage, this will actually provide ‘real results’ and won’t just act as an expensive moisturizer most like cream/lotion based products, for more information on Skinderma Pro, click here


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